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Do you want to provide your website with a tool to make questions to your visitors using debate / referendums / polls?

Quoners provides you that tool. Using it is quite simple; you just have to follow the next steps:

1. Create an account and get familiar with Quoners. Vote some polls, create some arguments, support or reject arguments from other users. Watch video

2. Create your own poll. Make sure it doesn't exist yet using our search engine (the same poll can be integrated into different websites and the votes are added) Watch video

3. Insert the poll on your website. On the debate page, under the Share button, you've got the HTML code to paste in your site where you want it to appear as an embedded discussion. If your web uses a CMS (Content Management System) that doesn't allow to insert javascript, then you can embed the debate using an IFrame. You'll see the HTML code for the IFrame just below the standard code.

If your website is a blog on the Blogger platform (blogspot) then follow this instructions.
If your website is a blog on the Wordpress platform then follow this instructions.

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