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What´s a Quoner?

As Quoners, we think your opinion is as important as the opinion the rest of the community. And at the same time, we believe that we should all hold our beliefs critically.

Quoners is a website for your polls, your opinions and your discussions, because you make Quoners.

It is structured as an aggregator of opinions and votes, where the focus is on the argument and your opinion, not on who´s holding that argument. We place your arguments in front of the arguments of those who think opposite just to balance ourselves in that mirror. If, for any of us, it´s hard to practice inverse thinking, we would like to help you with that exercise by placing opposite ideas in front of each other.

We hope that everyone who uses our site has his critical thinking toolset at hand.

We would like to facilitate that everyone opens his eyes before trying to open anyone else eyes.

We would like to help people to explore the issues that matter for them using not only his knowledge, reasons or emotions, but those of others.

We would like to promote change from within, so we try not to blame it on the world when we are not willing to push for change. Moreover, we think we have the right (the moral obligation) to change the world we live in; to share how we want to change it with others and to let others know why we want to change it.

Yes, we ask for too much and we are aware of the risks that we face. There is an unquoner in every quoner. As unquoners, we frequently try to find the differences with the rest, instead of trying to find the common link. We are humans, aren´t we? But try not to blame on the others what they can blame on you! We are aware of the fact that intelligence produces waste as the human body does. But we hope that through the filters of votes, the interesting arguments will move ahead of the others. We will try to keep this site uncensored, for you as for the others! If you think that the smell of the waste is unbearable, mark it as inappropriate, but try to ignore it when possible.

This is for everyone! Or may be not :-?

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